How to Play Roll Call

  1. Roll The Dice and Make a BID
  2. Going Clockwise, Players Must RAISE or CALL the BID
  3. Lose the CALL, Lose a Die.
  4. Everyone Rolls and the Losing Player Starts the Next Round by Making a BID.
  5. If a Player runs out of Dice he is Out of the Game. Last player with Dice Wins.

What is a bid?

A BID is a guess at the total quantity of a specific value on all the dice in play. Example: If there are 20 dice in play, you might bid 4 Fives, 5 Twos, or 6 Sixes.

How do you raise a bid?

To RAISE, Increase the VALUE or QUANTITY (Or Both) of the BID. Examples:

    • You could raise the value of 4 Fives to 4 Sixes.
    • You could raise the Quantity of 5 Twos to 6 Twos.
    • You could raise BOTH the Quantity and Value of 6 Fours to 7 Sixes.

Note: The quantity can stay the same or go up. The Value can go up, down, or stay the same. The Quantity of the BID must NEVER go down.

How Do you call?

When you think the BID is too high, or that another player is lying, you lift your Dome to CALL. During a CALL, ALL players uncover their domes and display on one hand the amount of dice they have of the Value in Question.

EXAMPLE If you had 2 Threes, 2 Fives and 1 Six under your lid and the BID being called was “6 Threes” you would hold up 2 Fingers. If the Bid was “5 Sixes” you would hold up 1 Finger. If the bid was 8 Fours, you would hold up a closed fist (Implying “Zero”)

NOTE: The Emblem is a wild, and it counts towards the total no matter the value of the bid. For Example, let us assume you have 2 Emblems, and 3 Sixes. If a bid of “6 Threes” has been called, you would hold up 2 fingers. If a Bid of "7 Sixes" is called, you would hold up 5 Fingers.

Winning the Call: If you add up all the dice of the specific value in question, and there are equal to, or or greater than the bid’s quantity, the Bidder wins and the Caller loses. If there are not enough, the Bidder loses. Losing a Call means you Lose a Die. The player who has lost a die starts the bidding for the next round. If that player has lost his last die, he is eliminated. Play continues to the eliminated player's left.

ONE LAST THING! You can call a bid out of turn (When you are not sitting to the left of the Bidder). If you are wrong, you must lose TWO dice, but there is no extra penalty for being called out of turn.